Australis changes

Highlights of this 25.0 signed & tagged release, making Webconverger an even better Web kiosk:

  • New super simple whitelist= filtering option
  • New numlock API, to assist deployments in banks and such for numpad data entry
  • Incorporated Firefox 29/30 based Australis user interface refresh, being very careful to minimise its impact on our conservative userbase
  • Downsized 397M→375M, losing ~22M
  • nvidia video card support restored with the nouveau driver
  • Various SSL and flash security updates

Here is the detailed changelog.

Would like to thank my colleague Mike Kaply for his fine contributions to our integrated Firefox webconverger addon.

md5sum: 83dbe58d01560b2ece17a78efc4dd15a  webc-25.0.iso
sha1sum: 8216353147e76701fdda7963f02027b6c75f1f6b  webc-25.0.iso

If you are a new user or live user, download the latest ISO release and upgrade.

For install users, sit back and enjoy summer! Your install should automatically upgrade. You can always double check with about: to be sure.