Webconverger heavily uses the notion of /proc/cmdline to control setup. Spaces in cmdline values need to be encodeURI in order not be considered keys themselves. For developers, startup might better explain how these are used.

There are two ways to start using the API, firstly by hitting TAB on the boot screen. See testing for a video of how to do this in a Virtual machine.

Syslinux boot menu, press TAB

Or by using the configuration service form which you need to take a subscription out with Webconverger. The service presents the various options below in a friendly Web form on boot, which are saved on the Web so your values are retained between boots once subscribed.

Your own homepage

Edit homepage=

You can enter several homepages, which will open in several tabs, separate each address with %20 e.g. homepage=http://portal.webconverger.com/%20http://webconverger.com

  • MACID expands to your network MAC address
  • USBID expands to USB serial, for identifying which USB stick was booted - you could conceivably use different USB sticks for a lightweight (but not secure) physical authentication, USBID_override= is a way to override this value.
  • WEBCID expands to Webconverger's identifier
  • WEBCVERSION expands to use git describe the running instance's version

For example: Customers want to track which kiosks are logging in. These is best accomplished using a keyword MACID. For example the homepage:


Could be expanded to


Instantupdate to the homepage

Using instantupdate from version 28.

This video has an instantupdate demonstration. Good for getting a pool of Webconverger devices on the same page. Support by the rpi2 & x86 version currently. Android coming soon.

Changing browser chrome


  • chrome=webconverger - this is the default
  • chrome=webcnoaddressbar - disable URL bar and search bar, good for controlled access setups
  • chrome=webcfullscreen - fullscreen without any chrome
  • chrome=neon - fullscreen as used with Neon
  • chrome=debug - nightly testing tools, for testing crash recovery etc. and to expose about:config

See kiosk for screenshots of the options.

Neon configuration example (a complex example)


Explanation of the above:

  1. Set the chrome (not the browser, but the GUI), to a dark themed "neon" for <abbr="Digital Out Of Home">DOOH
  2. Set the homepage to http://iframereload.dabase.com/, whilst also passing a screen identifier (mac address)
  3. Set the timezone to Singapore, so we can express a local time in the next line
  4. Schedule a job to run at 3AM, to kill firefox, the browser used in Webconverger. This is to ensure responsiveness in case there is a memory leak
  5. hidecursor makes sure the mouse cursor is invisible
  6. noblank ensures the screen does not turn black, i.e. it's always showing the rendered Web page
  7. Rotate connected screens to portrait

How to limit access with a blacklist or a whitelist?

Please see filtering page.

Use Webconverger in a different language to English

Please refer to i18n

Is it possible to change desktop background image ?

Please see artwork for details how to use bgurl=

Specify a HTTP proxy at with port 8888

append http_proxy=

NEW in version 26: Basic authentication http_proxy=http://user:pass@proxy:3128

How do I make the screen not timeout and go black?

Append noblank, see blanking for more.

How do I make the terminal reset / timeout after being used?

Use kioskresetstation, see blanking for more information

How do I prevent Webconverger from cleaning up after each session? (From 14.0)

Add noclean. This is not recommended for deployments, however if some cases where the machine is used by just one person, this is very convenient for day to day usage.

Rotate the screen?

To rotate right on all connected screens:


This is computed as running xrandr --output CONNECTED_DEVICE --rotate right.

For finer control by explicitly naming your CONNECTED_DEVICE, you can use xrandr=, but then you must discover the exact name of your output device, which can vary machine to machine.

Video explaining how to use debug mode to discover the properties of your connected displays

Need to setup up a higher than detected resolution?

Please follow this display guide.

DEBUG MODE for developers

Append debug.

Once Webconverger is booted, the dwm window manager defaults to shift+alt+enter for a Terminal. Gain root with sudo -i.

Please see debug for more.

Position mouse pointer


Moves the mouse cursor to the top left of the screen. This is useful when the default cursor in the middle of the screen might accidentally trigger some mouse over event in the Web application.

Disable automatic upgrades with git

Append noupgrade. See upgrade for more details.

Disable configuration service

Append noconfig

How do I make the machine turn off at a set time everyday?

Set a cronjob

Changing DNS or statically configuring the network?

Please refer to networking

Locking down boot

Use noescape, which disallows debugging of installed Webconverger. However it only kicks in after the boot configuration is rewritten after a successful upgrade.

Hiding and showing the cursor

Hiding the cursor is often used with touch screens:


Caveat: Since hidecursor can only be applied when starting X, you cannot use this option in the Live mode with the configuration service.



By default the cursor is shown on input use and hides after 5 seconds. See blanking for details.

How to create a screensaver for attracting patrons?

Please see screensaver.

Touch screen input calibration and user interface tweaks

Please refer to the touch screen calibration wiki page for calibration and UI tweaks like widescrollbars and grabdrag.

How do I declare my network printer?

Using the printer= API, documented in printing.

How do I show a print button?


How do I enable the numlock for numpad text entry?

Use numlock.

How to override Firefox preferences (autoconfig)

prefs= sets Firefox's powerful autoadmin.global_config_url autoconfig feature.


  • prefs=http://prefs.webconverger.com/2015/safe.js - force Google to provide a safe search result
  • prefs=http://prefs.webconverger.com/2015/chromebook.js - override user agent string
  • prefs=http://prefs.webconverger.com/2015/click-to-play.js - Opt into flash
  • prefs=http://prefs.webconverger.com/2015/disable-safebrowsing.js - Disable Google's safe browsing

Please look for further usage examples in printing and allowing popups.

customer= API

Stanza for you to indicate your current email address, so we can contact you in the case your configuration id becomes unclear.

Ignored by Webconverger OS itself.

Remote logging (from version 15)

Sign up for an account with Papertrail


Replace XXXXX with the port number associated with your account.

Alternatively, you can use the support command to send us your logs to the http://support.webconverger.com/ service available from the information icon next to your alias in the configuration panel.

Wireless configuration

Although wired connections are preferred, Webconverger does have comprehensive support for wireless devices and USB tethering.

Switch between tabs


Switch between tabs on chrome={neon,webcfullscreen} every 5 seconds.

Screencast: http://youtu.be/eh6u6Bmjnu8

Can I turn off the Webconverger brand mark?

Please see artwork.

Hiding the cursor

Add to your configuration:


Adjusting the volume to 100%

We do set volume to 100% by default however sometimes it might need tweaking, for example:


Tweaking the touch pad

We have an interface on synclient


Search override

New from June 2016, for example:


Only applicable with default chrome=webconverger, since that user interface has a URL bar for entering search terms.