Webconverger used for Web access

So what's new with 4.9?

vimdiff http://download.webconverger.org/webc-4.7.txt http://download.webconverger.org/webc-4.9.txt
  • Shows a new Iceweasel (Firefox) security update 3.0.11
  • Back to xpdf despite printing dialog problems, because it's lighter and integrates better with the browser (no EULA to agree to everytime!)
  • webconverger-base 4.9 featuring wireless essid with spaces fix and a compose key option. Read the back story on the forum.
  • Webconverger should be synced by Internet time, hence you shouldn't see SSL warnings if your BIOS clock is wrong.
  • You don't have to hold down the button on newer machines. Webconverger should understand ACPI "power down" events, that your computer should send on physically pressing the power button momentarily.
  • Known to work flawlessly with a cheap EEEPC900 netbook! Many thanks to Ben Armstrong and Guttorm Flatabø!

Known issues

  • Hard drive installer is not present on the ISO version (or the USB media for that matter)

Download is first made available on the German mirror and is syncing now slowly with the Californian mirror.

Any comments? Please drop by the Web forum.