UPDATE: Please see ChromeOS versus Webconverger as an argument for an alternative to Google Chrome OS

Sun, 07 Jun 2009 08:30:47 -0700

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So Google announced support for the Web platform on netbooks!

Webconverger has enjoyed quite good support for netbooks already at least from the 4.9 release.

I've updated the Webconverger comparison matrix with some assumptions about Google Chrome OS (GCOS).

The big problem I predict with Google Chrome OS (GCOS) is that it will not be able to run on a variety of PCs. Hence you will have to buy specific new hardware for GCOS. What about all those old PCs out there? Ignoring them isn't very environmentally friendly Google. Webconverger runs on old recycled hardware and hence exhibits very low requirements.

(Nonetheless, I'm really hoping GCOS will get rid of the bane of my life, that is X.)

Hence GCOS will be a probably be a pain for deployment since it will likely need to be ported to each new video card.

I've also assumed Google will require you to have a Google account like it already does with Android. The Web is an open platform and you shouldn't have to use Google services.

Will GCOS have a PDF viewer? I'll assume not since Android doesn't have one.

Will Google support GCOS, service it and sell it, like Webconverger does?

Will GCOS be versatile enough to work as digital signage? Google has some catching up to do. See you next decade then. :)