Showcasing EPDFVIEW

Hello everyone! 5.5 is a much delayed release which is not as polished as I would have liked. Instead of delaying any further, I would appreciate you giving these experimental features a try and giving feedback on them.

  • Allow ICMP ping replies so that you can check the machine is up and running.
  • Allow for several homepages to be specified which get opened in separate tabs, e.g. homepage=
  • noclutter added, which hides the mouse cursor after a couple of seconds of inactivity
  • Several new experimental hooks to upgrade and setup CJK locales
  • A new PDF viewer based on epdfview, which unlike xpdf has a decent printing dialog!
  • Anything else? See vimdiff

Experimental option to install Webconverger onto a hard drive

awful grub-pc dialog

The included EXPERIMENTAL installer has problems. For example the USB version only seems to work when installing without a network due to some odd grub2 transition. The development cycles for debugging installer related issues is incredibly long and painful. The whole effort might have been a colossal waste of time, considering USB boots are just as fast as booting from a hard disk.

If you would like to see this feature stay, please test, report bugs and develop patches.

The next release will focus on packaging Firefox 3.5 and the kiosk extension for it.

Thank you!