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Virtualbox >= 4.2

Webconverger Virtualbox

NOTE: You need to enable PAE and if your VM fails to boot try give it more RAM

NOTE: If Webconverger fails to boot, make sure your BIOS has Virtualization options turned on as noted in Webconverger 35 release.

Setting a bridged network interface is straightforward, you just need to ensure:

sudo modprobe -a vboxnetadp vboxnetflt

Testing branches from the install version

With fetch-revision= from upgrade we can test experimental branches, before they are merged to master.

Here is a video explaining how to get an installed Webconverger to switch branches for testing.

Testing network failure

Right click Network Adaptors

Cable connected togglebox

Network use cases:

  1. Boot with network - should work normally
  2. Boot with network and later become disconnected - should retry
  3. Boot without network - should show no-net.png
  4. Boot without network and become connected - should come back online
  5. Boot connected to router, but router has no internet connectivity - should show no-net.png
  6. Boot connected to router, with router regaining internet connectivity after 2 minutes

Think of cases where network comes online but configuration is failed to be fetched.

"debug mode" will bypass no-net.png

Important elements to test before delivery

wireless can only be realistically tested on physical hardware (i.e. not under virtualisation)