When you buy a PC you are inevitably sold a Microsoft license with it. You may assume you are getting "Windows for free", though the fact is you are paying a Microsoft tax, which impedes the competitiveness of PCs and makes Microsoft a monopoly.

Windows XP support ends April 8, 2014

What does "support ends" mean? It means that running a Windows XP machine after this date will expose you to security risks because Microsoft will not be providing ongoing security patches.

Usually that means businesses have to get rid of perfectly capable PC hardware and buy new PCs! Or you can opt for Microsoft upgrade where you are typically faced with a 150USD spend per PC to upgrade to Windows 7.

However, Windows 7 end of mainstream support ends in less than 500 days. And lets be honest, upgrading an Enterprise to a new Windows release is absolutely non-trivial.

Webconverger's lifetime subscription keeps your PC permanently patched

We are first with a unique, disruptive "PC hardware saving" offer that no other software vendor is making. With Webconverger's one off pricing there is no need to retire an old PC. We do not force you to upgrade at cost like Microsoft effectively does.

If you buy a subscription for your PC hardware, we promise to support that machine forever.

The only caveat is that a lifetime "one off" subscription is fixed to a particular machine identity and is non-transferable, as described in our Terms.

Webconverger provides more than a better operating system. We provide everything up to the browser and ensure it is tested and patched with security updates.

We will endeavour to make our software operating system not require more resources as time goes on, unlike Microsoft. We will endeavour to keep a stable, simple and familiar browsing experience for many many years to come.

If you think your PC hardware will last more than two years, we highly recommend you take advantage of our one off offer as documented on the pricing page.