Highlighting Emoji support

For those wise people who are using the automatically upgrading install version, you should have received all the benefits below.

So this new release will help keep bandwidth low for new install users, since they don't need to download upgrades upto this release from the previous 21.0 release. And as for the non-upgrading static Live users, please upgrade to keep users abreast with the latest Web technologies and security updates.

What's new?

  • grabdrag API for better touch screen support.
  • Emoji fonts! 💻 Webconverger saves you ⌚️ and 💰 giving you 📈 and your users 📰
  • Firefox 25 and Flash security updates


As outlined in "Avoiding the Microsoft upgrade treadmill", we are keeping a conservative outlook. We are working on a kernel update so you don't have to worry about issues like this new hardware issue effecting the current kernel 3.8 we have.

Please download the latest release and we would love to hear from you!

For the full changelog, or checkout Github's commit view:

git log --oneline --decorate 21.0..22.0