Andrei, Larry, Anselm, Mike, Kai

Recently I noticed some people trying to get around Webconverger's customisation business model by building Webconverger themselves with the developer instructions.

A treacherous path to follow instead of enslaving me to do the build. ;) Building Webconverger is not easy.

In case you still want to try build Webconverger, do take look at the recent changes to the wiki and see the todo list.

Who said you had to be ruthless to do business?

But seriously, I do (selectively) try help people actually build Webconverger as I would like more people to contribute. I can't do everything. Just running the Webconverger company takes more time than development time. :/

New feature I just implemented is no screen blanking in webconverger-base. No time for re-freshing the builds currently. Be patient... Firefox 3 is almost upon us!