How Webconverger clients "blank" (save monitor power, by turning off or going black)

Webconverger does not currently take active measures to sleep the PC hardware as it is assumed to be deployed on mains connected PCs. So when we talk about power saving and sleeping, we are referring to the screen monitor.

By default the screen monitor is set to sleep after 10 minutes. Sleeping at best uses hardware level DPMS features of the monitor to power down to an idle state. At worse it sets the screen to a blank black screen to save monitor burn which is only really a problem with older CRT monitors.

Customers who don't want the screen to blank at all should use the boot option noblank.

Customers who want to adjust the default 10 minutes, can use blank= API to set the minutes. E.g. a configuration with blank=60 will only blank a monitor after 1 hour of non-use.

Caveat: A bug suggests there is an uppler limit

Use case: Client may want to show an "attraction loop" when kiosks are not in use. To realise this set noblank in the configuration and setup a Web based screensaver from their homepage.

Breaking out of sleep simply involves a user pressing any key on the keyboard or moving the mouse. It certain environments a system may never go to sleep since a sensitive mouse keeps getting spurious wake events from its noisy environment.

Kiosk reset timer

Use case: Member of public uses Webconverger without closing last tab and leaves it on a non-default homepage. We need to set a timeout of non-use to reset the station. This is implemented with kioskresetstation.

The cmdline option kioskresetstation resets the Webconverger terminal after a specified number of minutes of inactivity.

For example, appending kioskresetstation=10 will reset the kiosk after ten minutes of inactivity.

Caveat: Your homepage must have a title for kioskresetstation to work currently. Logged issue.

Webconverger hides the mouse cursor after a period of inactivity

Unclutter is run by default in Webconverger.

To override, you can add the API parameter showcursor.