By the way Webconverger is really cool because we used SiteKiosk under Windows
and the performance on our old terminals was terrible since we got a new
homepage... there was to much unused operating system trash running in the
background which slowed down our terminals.
-Stefan Schwann (Hi-Fi Video Majdic GmbH)

Microsoft Vista has very high system requirements and poor hardware compatibility.

MacOSX / Chromium OS require their own particular hardware.

Webconverger can run on most PCs that meet Firefox's minimum requirements, however with a minimum of 1GB of RAM.

Webconverger has been even known to run on Pentium 3, though Flash should be disabled in such daring re-uses of old computers.

In fact Webconverger does not require any hard drive, if you boot from a USB stick.

Webconverger can run well on older machines that can USB boot. Give Webconverger a try!