Sport Relief 2008

Yikes! I only just noticed from the acknowledgements that Webconverger that is more than a year old.

I began working on Webconverger in February 2007, though it was only in July 2007 Webconverger as a company was formed. This year February 2008 Webconverger became VAT registered which should make it easier to do business with European Union companies.

I've just uploaded some new versions of maxi. This excites me as the CJK or i18n support is excellent in maxi. Want to try out a Japanese environment? Simply append locale=ja_JP.UTF-8 to the boot options. Unfortunately, truth be told, not many CJK people seem to use Webconverger.

Webconverger's marketing in the English language is lacking and even worse for Asian markets. However there was a recent success story. A Canadian library who has Chinese speaking patrons contacted me to tell me how great Chinese support is. So that's great news. :)

When visiting China a couple of years ago I was astonished to see BBC news blocked. That's why I integrated Tor in the past into maxi. I intended to do a little publicity stunt and give copies to athletes attending the Beijing Olympics. However since China has unbanned BBC news I don't feel the need. I've also dropped Tor from maxi. Tor was a bit of beast and there are simpler methods of getting around the Great Firewall of China.

Recently a fairly large deployment was Sport Relief in the UK. AFAIK Webconverger was used as a client to a Web application to take donations details during the telethon. So that should be proof enough that Webconverger is fairly mature, tried & tested for a one year old.