I am pushing up Webc 3.2 mini now (100kB/sec upload is the best I can get with Virgin fibre optic XL). This returns the pdf viewing feature I mistakenly left out the 3.1 mini package list. This happened because the Webconverger and WebKit release I made at that time did not support inline xpdf.

The next big todos as ever is to get:

  • the hard drive installer working
  • include wireless networking
  • get maxi updated
  • autobuilds and some better QA from bmsleight ;)

The hard drive installer milestone is a bit too complicated for me and I am dependent on Daniel to look at this again on my behalf. Tbh I have been a little hesitant to roll out this feature as I feared I would get "Webc installer destroyed all the contents of my hard disk" type emails. Webconverger as a Live CD is about protecting people from (over) writing any data. To the astute previous work described in Debian Web Kiosk paves the way for a hard drive installer in any case, so the installer is coming along... very slowly.

As for wireless networking, I have my own little solutions, however they work for me and my particular hardware and wireless setup. Wireless hardware and wireless setups are awfully complex. I am quite envious of Apple's slick Iphone wireless interface. Writing something like that with wpasupplicant might be possible. So far my efforts could be described in a linux haters blog rant.

The good news in 'wireless networking' is that 3G USB dongles in the UK or EVDO as seems to be referred to in the states looks like an excellent achievable new feature for Webconverger.

EeePC with Three dongle

I personally dial into 3G internet via bluetooth via my Nokia and it works quite well. USB dongles are usually simple serial line modems that simply need a ppp dial up script and some polish. However I still need to get "borrow" one of these dongles to implement support. I will contact Vodafone or perhaps trial with T-online.

I can't quite decide whether to move from boot /proc/cmdline options and run a local httpd like thttpd and run a "control panel" Web application to configure elements of Webconverger.