GTK Webkit Youtube

Thanks to Mike Hommey's webkit packages, Alp Toker's Gtk/Webkit commit of Rodney Dawes Flash support and countless others we have serious competition for Firefox.

I've added a webkit directory for developing Webconverger with WebKit. There are two ways to play with WebKit. A basic library wrapper called:


from libwebkit-1.0-1. Or the Debian epiphany-webkit package actually uses that library to provide the Epiphany Web browser.

Epiphany is very annoying as it seems to bring in a lot of Gnome cruft. Also I hate dbus dependencies. Still need to get Webconverger on a diet!

PDF viewing does not work atm and Epiphany also needs its chrome seriously hacked to disable bookmarking amongst many other elements, to make it kiosk grade. Anyway, the simple GtkLauncher is almost OK really. So have a look at webc-webkit-r33561.* in the mini download directory. [Alt]+[F4] or [Shift]+[Alt]+[c] to close the window in this instance btw.

Put a hard hat on and feel free to peruse my "work-in-progress" webconverger webkit screenshots.

Update: My post to the epiphany-list