15.1 about:

Our new automatic upgrade feature released in version 15 works well. Git-FS has helped us develop, debug and test better, and deliver to you an experience that improves every day. Just like the Web does.

Install users don't have to do anything to get these new features. Live users should download 15.1 and ideally switch to the install version by installing it to your hard drive.

What's new:

For more details, git log --oneline --decorate 15.0..15.1 on the chroot.

Commercial customised ISOs service with your embedded configurations return

Webconverger Limited's commercial service to have the ISO pre-configured is back and hosted at http://custom.webconverger.com. This is a very convenient way to deploy on machines with wireless only network connections, or on a large number of machines. Please contact sales to learn more.

Thank you for your support and we'd love to hear your feedback! feedback2012@webconverger.com