Append debug on the boot command line, in order to access a default instance of the dwm window manager.

dwm's statusbar in debug mode

Getting a terminal

Once X is booted, press shift+alt+enter together to make dwm (the window manager) launch a terminal emulator.

Alternatively, you can press ctrl+alt+F2 to switch out of X to tty2 and log in there as webc with no password. This also works if X didn't start.

This only works when debug is on the commandline.

Details about the browser build

about:support on the URL bar.

Using Firefox without the locked down Webconverger extension


Remote logging

Use the log= API and grab an account with Papertrail for a nice Web interface

Debugging an installed version of Webconverger

Hold Alt or Shift keys on the install boot to get boot: prompt

This will not work if noescape is being used beforehand.

Doing compiles

You may need to remove /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/exclude-files to get your headers, before installing build-essential et al.


As the root super-user sudo -i, utilise the p tool to paste you logs into.

Describing the video hardware

Basically all we need is the Xorg file which we can get via support.

Disable upgrades

Booting Webconverger by default will forcefully fast forward to

You probably don't want this behaviour if you are testing a change, so append noupgrade.

Monitoring network bandwidth

# cat /proc/net/netstat | p

Useful for calculating rough sizes of upgrades.

Debugging shell scripts

Putting at the top of your script

exec >/tmp/${0}$$.log 2>&1
set -x

Creates a complete log file in /tmp

Taking a screenshot on a non-virtualised system

Boot with debug in cmdline and as root sudo -i.

apt-get update && apt-get install scrot suckless-tools

Using dwm's default dmenu shortcut, [Alt]+p and choosing scrot and append the filename, like /tmp/test-rendering.png

From there you can use to upload the PNG file and get the URL to paste into a bug report.

Tweaking ?

You can edit things and restart X by running pkill X as root.

Debugging configuration caching

Assuming you have a configuration like so

Setup Virtualbox with the Bridged Adaptor eth0.

To disable access to the configuration server:

iptables -I FORWARD 1 -d -j REJECT

To clear the above rule:

iptables -F FORWARD

Getting support

By typing support as root, you will send your /var/log contents to our support service, which is for customers.

Failsafe booting

Boot without "vga=771 quiet splash"

Then... you're not going to like this. Try all of these kernel cmdline options:

memtest noapic noapm nodma nomce nolapic nomodeset nosmp nosplash vga=normal

Packet sniffing

Refer to the wireshark guide.

Debugging systemd


Debugging autoconfig

I host a test.js on my local httpd and configure Firefox on Archlinux like so.

Howto test printing

Use cups-pdf and a stanza like:


Please watch the How printing is tested on Webconverger with a Virtual PDF printer video for a walkthrough.