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As we did with the Kioware Product Comparison, let's compare Webconverger against Provisio's SiteKiosk.

Update: Since SiteKiosk uses IE, it often has very poor HTML compatibility ratings compared to Webconverger which uses the latest Firefox browser.

Like Kioware SiteKiosk is a Windows based solution based on Internet Explorer. Webconverger is an operating system, so you don't need Windows and we ship the Firefox Web browser that offers a better surfing experience than Internet Explorer.

SiteKiosk has four versions to compare to:

  • Quality - Webconverger is opensource software based on quality peer reviewed Linux, Xorg & Mozilla code
  • Worldwide leader - Webconverger is used by almost 3000 machines every month and the #1 Opensource kiosk
  • Patented Technology - Webconverger is against software patents
  • 12 months free updates - yes, as long as you are subscribed you can easily upgrade
  • Configuration tool - yes, we have a basic configuration Web form to be filled in once Webconverger boots
  • OS & Browser lockdown - yes
  • Auto start + Shell replacement - yes, though this is really only applicable because they depend on Windows
  • Scheduled shutdown & restart - yes, in cronjob
  • System reset after idle time - yes, this is the same as kioskresetstation feature
  • Auto Recovery - yes
  • Folder/file access management - no, we don't offer file access
  • Display in fullscreen mode - yes, this is an option with webcfullscreen
  • SiteRemote Remote Monitoring - no, this looks like privacy concern to us. We encourage clients to use simple Analytics whereby you can identify this kiosk by mac ID
  • SiteCaster - yes, though in the Neon product, not Webconverger
  • Large selection of browser skins - no, we don't do this. Skins are usually a performance killer, how we do offer bgurl= for simply branding the background
  • Customizable user interface - yes, see our user interface options
  • Logout (Clear history) - yes
  • Start page templates - no, we don't build or prescribe how to build your homepage
  • URL access restricting - yes, with chrome=webcnoaddressbar, see filtering
  • Execute programs you specified - no
  • Printing - yes, please see printing
  • Support of connected devices - no, except printing as above
  • On-screen keyboard - yes, though not currently enabled in default builds
  • Video & photo email - no, this is could be realised with the embedded flash
  • Internet content filter - this is the same as URL access restricting
  • VoIP phone support - this is possible via the Google talk plugin which is disabled by default
  • Charging for PC usage - no
  • Payment device support - no
  • Internet cafe billing (SiteCafe) - no
  • Silent installation - unattended installations are possible, we recommend our installer or you could try pxeboot
  • XML configuration file - yes, we use a simpler flat file to configure terminals
  • Remap keyboard layouts - yes, via the xkb= API
  • Dialog window blocking - yes
  • Debug output window - no
  • Log files - yes, using the log= API and papertrail for example
  • Pop-up blocker - yes
  • Support of multiple languages - yes
  • Favorites - you can customise more than one startup page which is equivalent
  • Download manager - yes, we disable all downloads
  • Web messenger - yes
  • File manager - no, we deny access to files
  • CD burning - no, you can't burn a CD from Webconverger
  • Print station with PrinterOn - no, please refer to printing

Webconverger seems most similar to SiteKiosk Basic priced at 149USD for 12 months of free updates. Excluding the cost of Windows, Webconverger beats SiteKiosk on that price for the first year with our 100USD annual fee. SiteKiosk allows customers to run without updates after the first year, though we feel continuous updates are vital for kiosk security and ensuring a continually improving Web user experience.

Webconverger solves the same security for public access computers problem better, beats SiteKiosk on price, faster and easier to deploy. Download Webconverger and see for yourself with a free 1 week no risk trial.