Installing to disk

A beta release of Webconverger 3.3 mini which features the long awaited hard drive installer has been painstakingly uploaded on a slow British Internet connection. :)

Simply boot the Webconverger Live 3.3 CD, select "Install Webconverger" from the boot menu and in a few minutes you should have turned your computer into a Web kiosk.

The usual "ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY" waiver of liability applies. This is not yet for complete novices as you can accidentally wipe the contents of your disk. So for testing I do recommend something like VMware. This installer preview does not quite work as designed especially as there is no upgrade path!

Many thanks to Chris, Daniel and the guys who pushed Debian Live 1.0 out, on which Webconverger is based. :)

Spread the word and please purchase Webconverger for your business as others already have. Enjoy!