The explicit need to allow popups is for homepages that are frankly poorly engineered to use popups as an interaction model. Popups in Webconverger are configured to forcefully open as new tabs.

Using the new improved prefs= API from we can use Firefox's powerful "autoconfig" commands to setup these permissions.

Lets walk through an example using as a source for popups.

We configure our Webconverger using prefs= and this "autoconfig" file contains:

$ curl -s
Services.perms.add(NetUtil.newURI(""), "popup", Services.perms.ALLOW_ACTION);
Services.prompt.alert(null, "", "Popup test");

You should host yourself, though Webconverger as a service to its customers can reliably host it for you.

As you can see in the Services.perms.add invocation, with prefs= we can now issue commands that add into a popup whitelist.

You can verify this works by visiting or by examining the whitelist using chrome=debug in Edit→Preferences→Content→Exceptions.

More on "Netscape Mission Control Desktop" aka Firefox's autoconfig

Webconverger's prefs= API uses autoconfig files.

Many thanks to Mike Kaply for taking the time to document this almost hidden Enterprise feature of the Firefox browser.