Linux + HTML5 = Webconverger

11.0 was a great & popular release. Thank you! 11.2 builds on that with:

Please check out the 11.2 package changes, compared to the previous 11.0 release.

Making upgrading to the latest releases easier

Webconverger strives to be a simple secure kiosk solution. Saving you time and headaches. Although Webconverger is well protected (being read only for example) from many browser vulnerabilities that arise, it is still best security practice to be up to date. Not only that, your users will appreciate the better HTML5 support and speed improvements in Firefox.

We know that upgrading Webconverger is painful with these frequent releases & no automatic updating:

  1. Download latest ISO from
  2. Re-imaging USB stick or burning entirely new CD
  3. Re-deploying to physical machines

Conservative customised users are often much less enthusiastic about the upgrade process above and can't easily justify the full cost.

Firstly Webconverger will reduce the cost of an image update to existing customers by 50%, providing there are no additional customisations and the customer is kind enough to provide a testimonial. So a photo of Webconverger (could be anonymous) in use in your institution and 50GBP if you have already had a customised image, based say on version 10, that you want today on 11.2.

The order form will be updated soon to reflect this new strategy.

Moving to a subscription based model and to a sustainable future

In the next weeks a new development project will kick off whereby we will enable some persistence (saves the updates, i.e. not read only anymore) in the USB images to enable efficient updates to the squashfs images of Webconverger. Here the business model will be a subscription based one. Further details such as the price of such a convenient service has not been finalised.

Webconverger as a business needs a regular income and I hope you can understand and support this direction. Any questions or comments? Please email

Image credits, Ruth Chong used: