Webconverger 11

I'm very proud to announce Webconverger 11, with the following improvements:

11.0 package changes, compared to the previous release.

sha1sum: 1b709cac372bfdffb2893551e4fd92700cad037b  webc-11.0.iso
md5sum: 7d2984d03a7375b04af5f38859988636  webc-11.0.iso

Do have a look at our new public statistics site http://ping.webconverger.org, detailing Webconverger usage.

New users please download Webconverger and test out if it's a good public kiosk solution for your community. We have a friendly support group if you have any questions!

Commercial users, please place your order on the brand new, easier to use, order form. Thank you,