14.1 release happened from Campus Party 2012, Berlin Tempelhof Airport

14.1 fixes a very embarrassing problem with the installer, whereby unsquashfs was accidentally removed. If you don't install Webconverger to disk and use the Live version, there is no need to upgrade from 14.0.

md5sum: 6d6fa0fc0de193a50e9145277f2ba254  webc-14.1.iso
sha1sum: 9f7d92464cad2a6d5dcd9b691e9fb57b720f2f08  webc-14.1.iso

Some of you might notice the size of image weighs in at just 209M which is much smaller than the 459M of webc-14.0.iso. This is good news for those on a all too common slow connection!

The .git folder present in the last releases was removed in this 14.1 release for two reasons:

  • It was bloating the size of the final image
  • You can't reasonably automagically upgrade to the upcoming git-fs based version 15.0 from 14.x, so there is no point in having this extra baggage

Obviously the .git directory returns in the upcoming git-fs based 15.0, and judging by our current git-fs based dailies, it only increases the size by 40M. Fantastic!

Please help testing the future upgradable version, that uses own home grown git-fs technology from the daily build site. Webconverger is innovating here with git like no other operating system.