Webconverger 20 screenshot

Please download Webconverger 20, our stable update release, featuring:

  • Firefox 21 updates and Flash security updates
  • A dist-upgrade, based on Progress Linux 2.0 (baureo)
  • On a bit of a diet, 441M to 357M, saving about 60 Megs, by removing files you won't need
  • widescrollbars options for touch screen deployments
  • Tweaks to force viewing PDFs inline
  • Customer configurations are now fetched over SSL

For the full changelog, git log --oneline --decorate 19.1..20.0.

md5sum is 261d6dba5c913b0d753c1b595ab85740 and the sha1sum is 16a35b4fac95296b6a7276ae189b16c00a6e3134.

Upgrading bandwidth

112MB upgrade

If you are using the recommended Install version of Webconverger, you should seamlessly upgrade incrementally day by day as Webconverger is updated. In other words, an installed Webconverger is maintenance free.

I've measured the 20.0 upgrade size as about 112M from a fresh 19.1 install. My methodology was to to install the previous Webconverger 19 release. Then reboot with debug mode enabled and grep upgrade /var/log/syslog from time to time until it was finished downloading from our origin hosted at Github.

To see how much data was transferred, cat /proc/net/netstat and plug in the large value into Google.com and append "bytes into megabytes".

Our new terms and conditions

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