Webconverger versus KioWare features:

Webconverger Web kiosk functionality compares closest to Kioware Basic which charges 162USD for the license and 20% support annual cost on top of that. Webconverger pricing includes support.

Excluding the price of Windows which Kioware depends upon, we beat that price as our annual fee is just 100USD. In the long term, consider three years usage: With a Webconverger 200USD one off subscription we beat Kioware's total cost proposition. 162USD + 3 * 0.20 * 162 = 259USD

Webconverger does have other advantages that their table doesn't list. Webconverger does not need antivirus software that Kioware strongly recommends. And Webconverger doesn't need extra fiddling to lock down the PC like disabling USB memory devices as they suggest.

Webconverger is competitive when compared to Kioware's kiosk products. That aside Webconverger is easier and quicker to deploy, safe from viruses and has better performance. Download Webconverger and see for yourself with a free 1 week no risk trial.

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