Best of class in Linux

When your customers are looking for an opensource stateless secure linux based Web browser systems to deploy in their organisation, the choice is Webconverger.

You don't need to have any expertise in Linux. Webconverger is turnkey. You don't need any training. Everything is managed from an easy to use configuration panel or by contacting support with your request!

Hardware choice

Google Chrome OS effectively only runs on mandated hardware, typically not industry standard PCs.

This jeopardises your existing hardware relationships. Webconverger on the other hand works on almost any PC compatible hardware.

Use existing old rolling PC stock (with at least 1GB of RAM) for supplying your kiosk solution with Webconverger to your customers.

Control the upsell

Google Chrome OS controls the applications pushed to end systems. With Webconverger you have control over the Application ecosystem, by defining the Web applications the PC is locked to.

User privacy

In sensitive government / banking / "Cardholder Data" environments where you cannot have data leaking to the cloud, Webconverger is the only choice.

We ensure no data about your intranet or where you browsed is leaked outside your network.

Accountability and control

Every change in Webconverger is atomic and happens in one place. With our pioneering upgrade technology you can do things that are impossible in other systems, like roll back or lock/pin to a particular revision of software.

For more details, please read our ChromeOS versus Webconverger blog.

Microsoft Windows arguments

Webconverger does not need to replace Windows

You don't need to install Webconverger over your existing systems.

Webconverger can operate beside Windows without touching your existing installs. This can be achieved by installing Webconverger to a USB stick.

Need to temporarily convert some of your customer's computers to kiosks? Webconverger is a turn key solution.

Cost effective

We are price competitive with complex software that locks down Windows:

Easier to deploy

Webconverger takes minutes to setup. With free automatic updates, your total cost of ownership is minimised.


Windows client software typically by default log users' surfing habits. Reports and statistics might be what your client wants, but what about the end user's privacy? Your client can still have reports by running Web Analytics on their own server site. This approach with our API's ID expansions allows your client's Web site developers to better understand how their kiosks use their site.

Protect your client from legal challenges by using Webconverger, a kiosk software solution that respects users privacy by default.

System integrator commissions

When you handle first tier support, we will provide generous commissions to our clear pricing.

Please get in touch with sales to learn more.